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Archived Events and Exhibitions:

Brighton Photo Fringe 2016
'Compendium: Mike Ware'

Brighton Festibal Fringe 2016
Salt Prints of Stuart Kuhn

Art Junky - Phoenix Gallery Brighton 2014
Chrysotype prints of Lukas Werth

Custom Brighton Installation 2013
Clive Heritage-Tilley and Tom Hawkins
featuring Van Dyke prints and platinum/palladium prints

Brighton Photo Biennial / Fringe 2012
'Phos' - In collaboration with Custom Brighton,
New Cyanotype and Gum Bichromate prints of Lukas Werth

Photomonth London 2011
Clive Heritage-Tilley, 'Signs and Fragments', Van Dyke prints
Siderotype Gallery London

Brighton Festival Fringe 2011
Pradip Malde's 'Haiti: blind architect' lectures and exhibitions:
May 9th, University of Sussex, Institute of Development Studies
May 11th, University of Brighton, Photography Dept.
7-30 May, Siderotype Gallery Brighton

Photomonth London 2010
Tom Hawkins - 'Salt Harvest: Bonaire', Platinum Prints
Siderotype Gallery London

Darren Edwards - 'The Prospector Series', Neon and Silver Gelatin Prints
Siderotype Gallery London

Brighton Photo Biennial / Fringe 2010
Morgan Faulkner - 'Les Fouilles Sont Interdites'
Siderotype Gallery Brighton

Lukas Werth - 'Mystic Islam'
New Chrysotype, Gum Bichromate, New Cyanotype and Casein Prints
Siderotype Gallery Brighton

Pradip Malde - 'Haiti: blind architect', 14 October 2010
Presentation of slides and platinum/palladium prints,
covering the past 5 years of photographic work in Haiti
Brighton Media Centre

Roger Vail - 'Carnivals', 'Tower Bridge' and 'Piers', 7 October 2010
Viewing of platinum prints with Paul Daskarolis
Siderotype Gallery Brighton

Flowers Gallery London   9-13 February 2010
'Life Vividly Lived'
Including work from 'The Prospector Series' by Darren Edwards
view film of the opening

Crane Kalman Brighton   28 September-11 October 2009
'Chiropoesis: Foundations of Photography'
view details

Brighton Photo Biennial/Photo Fringe   2 October-16 November 2008
'Siderotype: Prints in Gold, Blood and Salt'

Focus on Imaging   NEC Birmingham   25-28 February 2007
'Lukas Werth: Panorama'

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